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WHEREAS California is experiencing an acute affordable housing crisis that stifles economic growth, contributes to the homelessness epidemic, consumes an ever-growing share of the paychecks of working families, and holds millions of households back from realizing the California Dream; and


WHEREAS nearly 50 percent of California's households cannot afford the cost of housing in their local market; and


WHEREAS for decades, California has failed to build enough homes for its growing population at all income levels, ranking  49th in the  country in housing production per capita in 2016; and


WHEREAS restrictive zoning and land-use policies at the local level are a major cause of the shortfa ll between California's housing needs and the available supply of housing; and


WHEREAS when communities do not build their fair share of housing, the surrounding region must absorb new residents who, as a  consequence of a lack of access to affordable  housing, suffer  from higher rents and longer commutes; and


WHEREAS the high cost of land also significantly limits the development of affordable housing in areas with the greatest demand for new housing; and


WHEREAS state agencies own thousands of parcels of land throughout the state, some of which exceed those agencies' foreseeable needs; and


WHEREAS excess state land is often located in or near urban areas where the need for new housing is acute; and


WHEREAS the lack of affordable housing across California is a matter of vital statewide importance; and


WHEREAS expanding housing opportunities and solving the affordable housing crisis will require a new level of innovation and cooperation between the public and private sectors; and


WHEREAS fostering housing innovation will catalyze new construction industries and spur job growth in the state; and


WHEREAS local zoning ordinances do not govern the use of state property, and the State possesses legal authority to enter into low-cost, long-term leasing agreements with housing developers and accelerate housing development on state-owned land as a public use.


NOW, THEREFORE, I, GAVIN NEWSOM, Governor of the State of California, by virtue of the power and authority vested in me by the Constitution and statutes of the State of California, do hereby issue this order to become effective immediately:



l.    The Department of General Services shall create a digitized inventory of all state-owned parcels that are in excess of state agencies' foreseeable  needs  by,  among  other  things, conducting a comprehensive survey of all state-owned land. This inventory shall be completed by no later than April 30, 2019. To meet this deadline, all agencies under my direct  executive authority shall support this effort by responding to all inquiries made by the Department of General Services.


2.The Department of General Se rvic es, the   Department of Housing and Community Development, and the Housing Finance

Agency shall collaborate to develop two new screening tools for . prioritizing affordable housing development on excess state

land. The tools shall be designed to identify and evaluate parcels of excess state land:


a.Where housing development is most likely to be ec onomic ally feasible, accounting for, among other factors, a parcel's size, shape, grading, adjacencies, potential  for  consolidation,  lack of site constraints, and proximity to job centers, education, high-frequency public transportation networks, utilities, and other services and amenities; and

b.Where underproduction is impacting housing affordability, accounting for, among other fa c tors, availability of affordable housing in the job and commute sheds, the gap between supply and demand, and the rate of incre a se in rent.


Both tools sha ll be developed by no later than March 29, 2019.


3. The Department of General Services, in consultation with the Department of Housing and Community Development, shall apply the new screening tools -to the State's inventory of excess state real property. The Department of General Services shall generate a comprehensive map of excess state real estate parcels where development of affordable housing (a} is feasible and (b} will help address regional underproduction. The map shall overlay a graphical representation (i.e., a heat map} of where affordable housing development is most feasible and

impact ful. By April 30, 2019, the Department shall provide an interim progress report.


4. Where appropriate, state agencies shall consider exchanging excess state land with local governments for other parcels for purposes of affordable housing development and preservation. Parcels shall be exchanged with the goal of maximizing regional capacity to build and preserve affordable housing units.

5.The Department of General Services, in consultation with the Department of Housing and Community Development, shall issue Requests for Proposals on individual parcels and accept proposals from developers of affordable housing interested in entering into low-cost, long-term ground leases of parcels on the priority map.

a. Requests for Proposals shall address, among other considerations: the number of housing units to be built and preserved; maximization of land resources and level of affordability; feasibility of breaking ground within two years of entering the lease and completing units within three years; the individual cost per unit of construction; the use of renewable construction materials, such as cross-laminated timber; and the developer's demonstrated capacity to complete affordable housing projects.

b. Selection of projects shall catalyze and incubate innovative models for construction (such as modular or prefabrication), financing, and workforce development.

c. Bidding requirements shall include commitments to pay prevailing wages as required under the law.


6. The Department of General Services, in consultation with the Department of Housing and Community Development, shall begin to implement the above selection process no later than September 30, 2019.


7. The Department of General Services, the Department of Housing and Community Development, and other state agencies and departments shall use all existing legal and financial authority to expedite and prioritize these developments, including by giving them preference in the award of state funding, pursuant to my further direction. Agencies not under my direct executive authority are requested to do the same.


IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that as soon as hereafter possible, this Order sha ll be filed with the Office of the Secretary of State and that widespread publicity and notice shall be given to this Order.


This Order is not intended to, and does not, create any rights or benefits, substantive or procedural,  enforceable  at  law  or in  equity, against the State of California, its d e p a rtments, agencies, or other entities, its officers or employees, or any other person.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great

Seal of the State of California to be affixed this 15th day of January 2019.












Secretary of State 

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