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Proposal & Bid Notice Details:



Project Specs:

Notice ID #: 5905

Bid Date: 10/29/2019

Type Of Notice: Invitation to Bid
Location: CA: Monrovia

Contact: See Notice Summary for details on how to respond to this notice.

Notice Summary:


Rehabilitation of Well No. 5

Project No. C-3104

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the City of Monrovia, California (“City”) invites sealed Bids for the Project.  The City will receive such Bids at the City Clerk’s office, City Hall, 415 South Ivy Avenue, Monrovia, California 91016 up to 10:00 a.m. on October 29, 2019, at which time they will be publicly opened and read aloud.

All Bids must be made on the form furnished by the City.  Each Bid must be submitted in a sealed envelope addressed to the City Clerk with the Project name and identification number typed or clearly printed on the lower left corner of the envelope.  Bids must remain valid and shall not be subject to withdrawal for sixty (60) Days after the Bid opening date.

INCORPORATION OF STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS - The 2015 edition of “Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction” (“Standard Specifications”), as amended by the Contract Documents, is incorporated into the Contract Documents by reference.

SCOPE OF WORK - The Project includes, without limitation, furnishing all necessary labor, materials, equipment and other incidental and appurtenant Work necessary to satisfactorily complete the Project, as more specifically described in the Contract Documents.  This Work will be performed in strict conformance with the Contract Documents, permits from regulatory agencies with jurisdiction, and applicable regulations.  The quantity of Work to be performed and materials to be furnished are approximations only, being given as a basis for the comparison of Bids.  Actual quantities of Work to be performed may vary at the discretion of the City Engineer.

The Project Includes:

Rehabilitation of Well No. 5:

Location of well is at 2610 South California Ave, Monrovia, CA 91016.


General Tasks include removing well pump motor, column, shaft, pump assembly and associated equipment. Refurbishing (Option 1.) or Replacing with new (Option 2) various well components and reinstalling well pump motor, column, shaft, pump assembly and associated equipment back into well.

Traffic control and public notification, mobilization, demobilization, bond and insurance.   

The Engineer’s Estimated for this project is:

Base Bid with Option 1 = $168,755.00

Base Bid with Option 2 = $203,455.00

Base Bid with applicable portions of Option 2 and with Option 3 = $242,705.00



OBTAINING BID DOCUMENTS - Project Bid Documents, on a Compact Disc (CD), may be picked up at the Public Works Department, 600 South Mountain Avenue, Monrovia, CA 91016, (626) 932-5575, by paying a non-refundable fee of $32.00 per CD. Bid Documents, on CD, will be mailed by U.S. Mail for an additional charge of $15.00 per CD or sent by an express delivery service using the bidder’s account number or the bidder must pay the City in advance for the express service delivery. The City cannot guarantee the timeliness of mail or express delivery. Please call (626) 932-5575 to order a CD. The City must receive payment before the Contract Documents will be provided.

FACSIMILE NUMBER AND EMAIL ADDRESS - Bidders shall supply the City Engineer with a facsimile number and email address to facilitate transmission of Addenda and other information related to these Contract Documents.  If the Addenda and other information are emailed, the City shall also send all documents by facsimile or U.S. Mail.  Failure to provide such a facsimile number and email address may result in late notification.  The City does not guarantee that it will provide any information by facsimile, email, or both.  A Bidder shall be responsible for all Addenda regardless of whether Bidder received any such fax or email, and a Bidder shall have no recourse due to not receiving such facsimile, email or both.

Mandatory pre-bid meeting AND Site Visit - A mandatory pre-bid meeting will be held on October 15, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. at City of Monrovia Public Works Building at 600 South Mountain Ave.  Every Potential Bidder is required to attend the pre-bid meeting and project site.  Failure of a Bidder to attend will render that Bidder’s Bid non-responsive.  No allowances for cost adjustments will be made if a Bidder fails to adequately examine the Project site before submitting a Bid.

REGISTRATION WITH THE DEPARTMENT OF INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS - In accordance with Labor Code Sections 1725.5 and 1771.1, no contractor or subcontractor shall be qualified to bid on, be listed in a bid proposal, subject to the requirements of Section 4104 of the Public Contract Code, or engage in the performance of any contract for public work, unless currently registered and qualified to perform public work pursuant to Section 1725.5 [with limited exceptions for bid purposes only under Labor Code Section 1771.1(a)].

PREVAILING WAGES - In accordance with Labor Code Section 1770 et seq., the Project is a “public work”. The selected Bidder (Contractor) and any Subcontractors shall pay wages in accordance with the determination of the Director of the Department of Industrial Relations (“DIR”) regarding the prevailing rate of per diem wages.  Copies of those rates are on file with the Director of Public Works, and are available to any interested party upon request.  The Contractor shall post a copy of the DIR’s determination of the prevailing rate of per diem wages at each job site.  This Project is subject to compliance monitoring and enforcement by the DIR.

BONDS - Each Bid must be accompanied by a cash deposit, cashier’s check, certified check, or Bidder’s Bond issued by a Surety insurer, made payable to the City and in an amount not less than ten percent (10%) of the total Bid submitted.  Personal or company checks are not acceptable. Upon Contract award, the Contractor shall provide faithful performance and payment Bonds, each in a sum equal to the Contract Price.  All Bonds must be issued by a California admitted Surety insurer using the forms set forth in the Contract Documents, or in any other form approved by the City Attorney.  Failure to enter into the Contract with the City, including the submission of all required Bonds and insurance coverage, within fifteen (15) Days after the date of the mailing of written notice of contract award to the Bidder, shall subject the Bid security to forfeiture to the extent provided by law.

LICENSES - Each Bidder shall possess a valid Class “A” (General Engineering) or Class “C-57” (Water Well) Contractor’s license issued by the California State Contractors License Board at the time of the Bid submission.  The successful Contractor will be required to obtain a current City business license.

RETENTION SUBSTITUTION - Five percent (5%) of any progress payment will be withheld as retention.  In accordance with Public Contract Code Section 22300, and at the request and expense of the Contractor, securities equivalent to the amount withheld may be deposited with the City or with a State or federally chartered bank as escrow agent, which shall then pay such moneys to the Contractor.  Upon satisfactory completion of the Project, the securities shall be returned to the Contractor.  Alternatively, the Contractor may request that the City make payments of earned retentions directly to an escrow agent at the Contractor’s expense.  No such substitutions shall be accepted until all related documents are approved by the City Attorney.

TRADE NAMES OR EQUALS - Requests to substitute an equivalent item for a brand or trade name item must be made by written request submitted no later than fourteen days (14) Days before the Bid submission deadline.  Requests received after this time shall not be considered.  Requests shall clearly describe the product for which approval is requested, including all data necessary to demonstrate acceptability.

LIQUIDATED DAMAGES - Liquidated damages shall accrue in the amount of $400.00 for each Day that Work remains incomplete beyond the Project completion deadline specified in the Contract Documents.

BIDDING PROCESS - The City reserves the right to reject any Bid or all Bids, and to waive any irregularities or informalities in any Bid or in the bidding, as deemed to be in its best interest.


By:       Sean Sullivan,                                                                         September 25, 2019

            Public Works Division Manager


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