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Proposal & Bid Notice Details:



Project Specs:

Notice ID #: 6240

Bid Date: 02/20/2020

Type Of Notice: Invitation to Bid
Location: FL: Panama City

Contact: See Notice Summary for details on how to respond to this notice.

Notice Summary:

The Panama City Housing Authority (PCHA), Florida; Invitation to Bid RFP #2020-01; Phase 1 Demolition Project for the Massalina Memorial Homes Site and the Fletcher Black Memorial Homes Site:


  • Scope of Work - The Work of this contract involves construction/demolition and site preparations on two (2) unoccupied and non-operational multifamily housing sites in Panama City, Bay County, Florida. Additional requirements are contained in the Bid Scope Documents. The Work of the Project is defined by the Contract Documents and is generally described by:


The Contractor, prior to beginning demolition, will obtain a site topographical and boundary survey from a Florida licensed professional surveyor of existing physical features. A post-demolition survey update shall also be required.


Contractor shall contract with a Florida Licensed Asbestos Mitigation entity who will prepare a Mitigation Plan and properly remove hazardous materials.


Contractor to locate, terminate and cap all utilities at the property lines as required by the utility authorities.


Demolish, remove, and properly dispose of all above grade and below ground structures improvements, and utilities.


Earth work for approved borrow fill and surface preparations, temporary irrigation and grassing by seeding.


  • Documents – Project Manual and Specifications will be available January 27, 2020 for no cost download or for the cost of printing if a hard copy is requested, or may be viewed at a pre-arranged time at:


Florida Architects, Inc.
103 W. 5th Street
Panama City, Fl. 32401


Project Manual and Specifications may be obtained in digital PDF format free from the PCHA Procurement website Interested parties are encouraged to register with the Architect for direct downloads and notifications.

ADDENDUM 1 & 2 & 4


  • Bid Schedule - Sealed Bids will be due February 20, 2020 no later than 2:30 pm and will be opened in the PANAMA CITY HOUSING AUTHORITY Conference Room at 2315 Ruth Hentz Avenue, Panama City, Florida 32405 Conference Room.
  • Sealed Bids - may be mailed or delivered to Panama City Housing Authority at 2315 Ruth Hentz Avenue, Panama City, Florida 32405, Attention: Mr. Michael Johnson, Project Manager, and must be received by 2:30 pm on February 20, 2020. Oral, telegraphic or electronic proposals will not be considered.

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