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Proposal & Bid Notice Details:



Project Specs:

Notice ID #: 6378

Bid Date: 04/30/2020

Type Of Notice: Request for Qualifications
Location: CA: Sacramento


Contact: See Notice Summary for details on how to respond to this notice.

Notice Summary:

Advertisement for Request for Qualifications (RFQ)




The Department of General Services (DGS), Real Estate Services Division (RESD), Project Management and Development Branch (PMDB) is requesting Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) from firms, pursuant to Government Code §4525 et seq.



This solicitation is to establish a program agreement with a qualified firm to be used on as- needed basis on building and grounds infrastructure and related projects at the California State Capitol and Capitol Park, Legislative Office Building, and 10th & O Street Building, herein referred to as the Capitol Complex. The successful firm shall be awarded a multi-year agreement on a fixed rate basis, with amendments to the Agreement for specific projects prepared on an as needed basis. The scope of services and total fee for individual amendments will be negotiated utilizing the rates specified in the Agreement. The State does not guarantee that any amendments will be made during the contract period to the selected firm.



Provide professional architectural and engineering design, and other services required as an Architect of Record on projects at the Capitol Complex. The responsible party must be an architect or engineer licensed to practice in the State of California (CA) and all work must be performed under and approved by a licensed design professional.  The services may include,  but are not limited to, studies, program confirmation, site analysis, hazardous materials survey and investigation, master planning, architectural and engineering design, renovations and repairs, historic restoration, landscape architecture and monument renovations, cost estimates, preparation of construction documents, State Historic Preservation Officer review and approval, regulatory review and approval, scheduling, cost-benefit analysis, peer review, code compliance, energy and sustainable design, energy modeling, commissioning, bidding support and construction administration.


The firm selected for this work, including any team member, (individual, firm, sub-consultants, subsidiary or affiliate thereof) is precluded from participating on the Construction Project Management team, construction contractor teams, or other competitively bid contract work or solicitations for other professional services for the project.



Provide professional architectural and engineering services as an Architect of Record for  building and grounds infrastructure and related projects at the Capitol Complex.


The State Capitol for California is located at 1000 Capitol Mall, Sacramento. The project area is bounded by 10th Street, N Street, 15th Street and L Street in the center of Sacramento. Originally constructed in 1869, the building has undergone a series of remodels and improvements over the course of its lifespan. A significant improvement was completed in 1954 with the addition of the East Annex (the original structure is now known as the West Wing). The East Annex has undergone a series of infrastructure improvements over its life, many improvements have abandoned portions of original systems in place. Renovated in 1982, the West Wing has since had only minimal improvements made to the infrastructure.


The Legislative Office Building is located at 1020 N Street, Sacramento. The building is a 250,000 square foot, five-story, rectangular-shaped structure built in 1939. The building has a basement level partially below grade and an elevated ground floor with two symmetrical courtyards. Above the ground floor (second, third, fourth, fifth floor and roof) the courtyards are open and the building forms a figure “8” shape. A penthouse exists on the roof. The bulk of the penthouse is part of the original 1938 structure.  The Cafeteria, a rectangular addition, connected to the southwest side of the original penthouse was constructed over the existing roof in 1965.


10th & O Street Building is located at 1021 O Street, Sacramento, CA 95814. This building is currently under construction and is anticipated to be completed in January 2022. The building is a 10-Story cast-in-place structure with approximately 472,000 SF of offices, hearing rooms, and conference rooms. The building will serve as a temporary home for the legislative and executive elected officials for the duration of the Capitol Annex Project. Afterwards, the building will be jointly used as office space for the legislative and executive branches.


The firm shall have experience in the design and construction of facilities of historic nature; knowledge of the design and restoration of historic buildings; knowledge of the sustainable design process and design excellence including “Leadership in Energy & Environmental  Design” (LEED™); guidelines and performance criteria, value engineering and/or systems proposals, life cycle cost analysis, construction administration including; preparation and review of punch-lists, close-out activities, and other services required by the scope of the project.


The estimated cost of construction for the projects range from $10,000 to $10,000,000. Services may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Building renovations and repairs.
  • Landscape and monument renovations and repairs.
  • Repair or replacement of vertical conveyance systems.
  • Master planning, preliminary design, including massing and scale analysis, hazmat testing, sensitivity to historic context, utility investigation confirming size and location of adequate utilities to serve the project.
    • Establishing quality and construction documents for all building components and finishes.
    • Preparation of documents for presentation to the California State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO).
    • Analysis to provide energy efficiency and sustainable building measures to attain the highest possible level of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED™) accreditation as published and administered by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC™), that the State’s allotted budget can support.
    • Development of the bid documents for projects, bidding support.
    • Life-Cycle Cost analysis and analysis of value engineering/systems proposals.
    • California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) documentation assistance and mitigation.
    • Review and approval by regulatory authorities.
    • Confirmation of project construction cost budget(s) and cost estimating.
    • Quality assurance and overall coordination between plans/specifications and other services required by scope of project.
    • Providing estimating services and project cost control, verifying compliance of all sustainable design and energy efficiency requirements, monitoring construction work for compliance with construction documents.
      • Construction administration and support.
      • Commissioning and documentation.
      • Punch-list/Close-out documents.

Information submitted and participation in the process by interested firms is at no cost or obligation to the State. DGS reserves the right to, at any time, abandon or terminate efforts to contract for any or all of said services without obligation to any firm which responds to this announcement. All information and other materials submitted will become property of DGS and will not be returned.



Firms that are interested in providing professional services for this contracting opportunity shall submit the following information in 8.5” x 11” format (11 point font or greater) with each of the numbered sections collated in a separate tab. Firms shall ensure that their written responses indicate how they meet the Selection Criteria listed below.


All submittals must be accompanied by a compact disk (CD) that contains all of the Firm’s submitted documents. Other forms of electronic storage media will not be accepted.


Submit two (2) sets of the following:


1. Letter of Interest that includes the Federal Identification Number of the firm as well as the person authorized to negotiate and sign all agreements.


2. Executive Summary (2 pages maximum).


3. Federal Form SF330 (“Architect-Engineer Qualifications”) Parts I & II for your firm, and Federal Form SF330 Part II for any proposed sub-contractors. The current revision of these forms is available here.


  1. For each resume, firms may supplement the Form 330 (no more than one supplemental page per person) with further information on each individual’s proposed project assignment and responsibilities, their specific professional experience related to this assignment, and their current work assignment(s) and projected completion dates.


4. Written statement of the firm’s qualifications that is responsive to the selection criteria below. Firms shall respond in writing indicating how they believe their qualifications fulfill the requirements of these criteria. Firms must respond to each numbered criterion with complete and organized responses.

5. Additional Required Documents


  1. Current Statement of Information (can be obtained on the California Secretary of State’s website here). If operating under a fictitious business name, provide all supporting documentation (i.e. fictitious business name statement certified by the appropriate county clerk).


  1. If applicable, include the following paragraph. Verification of California license for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, or Geologists (can be obtained on the Department of Consumer Affairs website here); or verification of California license for Professional Architects (can be obtained on the Department of Consumer Affairs website here).


  1. If applicable, proof of current certification from the DGS Office of Small Business and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Services (OSDS). This information can be obtained here.


  1. Completed and signed California Civil Rights Laws Attachment, available here.


  1. Proof of current registration with the California Department of Industrial Relations. This information can be obtained here.


  1. Darfur Contracting Act Certification. This form can be found here.


  1. Iran Contracting Act Certification. This form can be found here.


  1. The Bidder’s Declaration Form (GSPD-05-105, which can be found here). This form documents subcontracted services.

The State encourages Small Businesses and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises participation.


To locate certified firms for subcontracting purposes, start on Cal eProcure (here). Click  on “Small Business / Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise,” then “Search for Certified SB/DVBE Firms.” In the Certification Type, select any combination of Micro Business (MB), Small Business (SB), or Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE).


Additionally, there are fields that allow for a narrowing of the search. In the UNSPSC Classifications field, a search can be conducted in which the words “architectural” or “engineering” are used. If, for example, the UNSPSC Classification for Architectural Engineering (81101508) is selected, in addition to Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE), Service Area (County) Sacramento (34), a number of DVBE certified firms that associate with the Architectural Engineering category are shown.


If you feel your company or your subcontractor qualifies as either, you may go here for more information or call OSDS at (916) 375-4940 for further information.


Please note that no preference in the qualifications category can be given to Small Business  firms under the contracting law set up for professional services contracts (Architectural, Engineering, Environmental Services, etc.). Procedures shall assure maximum participation of small business firms, as defined by the Director of General Services pursuant to Government Code Section 14837.



Documents must be received no later than THURSDAY, April 30, 2020, at 5:00 PM. Documents shall be submitted to:


Department of General Services Real Estate Services Division

Project Management & Development Branch Attn: Handa Gugel, Contracts Analyst

707 3rd Street, 4th Floor West Sacramento, CA 95605


Facsimile or e-mail submittals will not be considered.




  1. Professional experience of the firm in relation to the work to be performed – list each person with their role and office location for all staff identified as a part of this proposal (identify staff of sub-consultants similarly but separately).


  1. Professional experience of the principals to be assigned to the project – list the Principals to be assigned to and their involvement with the project.


  1. Professional experience and training of key personnel – list staff education, certification and training.


  1. Architect with graduate degree in Historic Preservation as defined in the National Park Service, Department of the Interior, Secretary of Interior’s Historic Preservation Professional Qualification Standard for Historic Preservationist assigned to the team.


  1. Demonstrated competence and specialized experience of firm.


  1. Nature and quality of completed work.


  1. Reliability of firm and continuity of proposed firm’s staff and sub-consultants with firm.


  1. Firm’s workload and demonstrated ability to meet schedules.


  1. Location of firm office(s) for project coordination and services.


  1. Demonstrated effectiveness of Quality Assurance and Control program and procedures being utilized by firm.


  1. Demonstrated ability in the program elements defined in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED™) accreditation program.


  1. The professional experience of the lead design professional responsible for the design of project. Provide the lead designer’s name and profile including education, relevant recent experience including graphics and/or photographs, availability to project, tenure with firm and responsibilities to project.
    1. Demonstrated experience and expertise in historical phase project design, systems confirmation and verification including life cycle cost analysis.


  1. Demonstrated experience and expertise in design-bid-build phase project scheduling and construction cost verification including value engineering and cost benefit analysis.


  1. Demonstrated expertise and experience in general management and administration of a historic restoration project.


  1. Demonstrated ability of coordinating and working with various governmental regulatory agencies.


Consultant team shall be comprised of all disciplines necessary to effectively provide essential and ancillary services for the work described for the project. Team shall be experienced with designs of similar nature, size and complexity including historic buildings, State Historic Preservation Officer requirements, hazardous materials abatement, conveyance systems, and ADA compliance for existing buildings.



Firms will be selected on the basis of written responses to this RFQ and an oral interview.


Submittals will be evaluated and scored based upon the above selection criteria for those firms who have complied with the minimum qualification requirements.


Typically, three firms with the highest scores will be selected for the “short list.” These firms will be invited for an interview and asked to make an oral presentation on their firm and its qualifications and experience.


Upon completion of all interviews, a single firm will be selected, though the State reserves the right to select a pool of firms. The selected firm will be asked to submit a fee proposal specifying the hourly rates for specific classifications of employees, subcontractors, and/or services to be provided. The State and each firm will enter into negotiations to create fixed rates. The fixed  rates will be utilized to establish the fees for each project. In the event that a satisfactory agreement cannot be negotiated, the State will terminate negotiations with that firm and begin negotiations with the next ranked firm. After successful negotiations, a contract will be awarded and executed. The State does not guarantee the amount of services being requested from each firm, and may utilize services from other firms on an as needed basis.


The State reserves the right to terminate the selection proceedings at any time.


Ten percent (10%) percent retention will be held for all progress payments made to Consultant. When the estimated amount to be retained exceeds ten thousand dollars ($10,000), and the retention continues for a period of 60 days beyond the completion of phased services, upon written request and at the expense of the Consultant, the State will pay the retentions earned directly to a state or federally chartered bank in this state, as the escrow agent (Public Contract Code § 6106.5). See Public Contract Code § 6106.5 (e) for further requirements pertaining to sub- consultants.


Pursuant to Labor Code § 1725.5, firms must register with the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) as a Public Works Contractor to bid on, be listed in a bid proposal or engage in the performance of any public works contract. The application also provides agencies that administer public works programs with a searchable database of qualified contractors. Application and renewal are completed online here. The current annual fee is $400 and the registration period coincides with the fiscal year.


All A&E contractors and subcontractors shall be required to comply with the Monitoring and Enforcement Program, including, but not limited to, contractor registration, submittal of electronic certified payroll reports directly to the DIR as applicable and cooperation with on-site monitoring by DIR personnel if the work performed is covered by prevailing wage laws. Not all work performed by an A&E Firm or its subcontractors are covered by prevailing wage laws.

Refer to Labor Code § 1771.4 et seq. or visit the Prevailing Wage Requirements page of the DIR website here.



Pursuant to Labor Code Section § 1774, the Contractor and any subcontractors, regardless of tier, shall pay not less than the specified prevailing wage rates to all workers employed in the execution of the Contract.


Copies of the prevailing rate of per diem wages are on file at the Department of General Services, which shall be made available to all interested parties. Additionally, these prevailing wage rates are available on the DIR website here.


This project is subject to compliance monitoring and enforcement by the Department of Industrial Relations.



All    technical    questions    should    be    directed    to    Micky   Chen,    Project    Director    II,    at


All contract related questions and questions regarding the submission of RFQs should be directed to Handa Gugel, Contracts Analyst at

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