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Proposal & Bid Notice Details:

University of Colorado Boulder


Project Specs:

Notice ID #: 6690

Bid Date: 02/05/2021

Type Of Notice: Request for Qualifications
Location: CO: Boulder

Contact: See Notice Summary for details on how to respond to this notice.

Notice Summary:


Consultant Services For

Engineering, Design & Security Consulting State of Colorado

University of Colorado Boulder

Notice Number: 21-01

Notice Status:                Open

Publish Date:                 January 6, 2021




Project No:                              UCB000220

Project Title:                            UCB000220 - 2021-031M21-HB20-1408 Upgrade Classroom

Security-Various Sites

Estimated Construction

Cost:                                        $3,100,000



Settlement Notices


For all projects with a total dollar value above $150,000 Notice of Final Settlement is required by C.R.S. 38-26-107(1). Final Settlement, if required, will be advertised via: Electronic Media



Project Description


The University of Colorado Boulder (CU Boulder) has funding appropriated, primarily earmarked for door locking hardware and technology, to improve classroom security. The university seeks an engineering and/or security consultant team to ensure the integration of existing active harmer protocols and procedures with the implementation of new hardware solutions in order to best improve security of classrooms. Additionally, CU Boulder seeks to investigate and update its active harmer processes, tools, technologies, and procedures when we implement this scope of work to continue to establish and refine a best-practice-based campus safety approach. It is imperative that our refined solutions integrate layered, redundant, and overlapping solutions and controls that are informed by the successful vendor’s experiences with other campuses and owners.


The selected firm will be expected to work closely with CUPD, Facilities Management, the Office of Information Technology and other campus stakeholders to assist in the following areas, as directed by university staff:

  • Develop an in-depth understanding of existing procedures and protocols, existing doors/ locking hardware and technology and unique campus wide considerations.
  • Assist CU Boulder in updating our active harmer response plans, tools, systems, and other new and existing solutions to incorporate industry best practices.
  • Identify options and develop recommendations for door lock hardware standards and specifications.
  • Develop strategically prioritized, phased implementation of recommended hardware and other security/safety solutions for academic facilities.
  • Develop a comprehensive campus concept/program plan to set a path for future implementation as additional funding becomes available.
  • Develop training and guidance on the use of door lock hardware and technology during active harmer situations.
  • If desired by CU Boulder, develop construction bid documents to implement the solutions developed through the consulting and exploration activities discussed above.


Scope of Services


The scope of services will be as required by the Consultant Agreement (Form SC-5.3) and the University of Colorado Supplemental Terms and Conditions to SC-5.3.


This RFQ may be used to award additional, similar work. As a result of this RFQ, the University of Colorado may elect to contract with selected consultant for design services in the future. The scope of services will be as required by the Architect/Engineer Agreement Design/Bid/Build (Form SC-5.1), the Architect/Engineer Agreement Terms and Conditions Design/Bid/Build (Form SC-5.1TC), and the University of Colorado Supplemental Terms and Conditions to SC-

5.1 and SC-5.1TC.


CU Boulder is developing an initial scope of services that will be presented to the short-listed firms prior to the interview. It is expected that the short-listed firms discuss their approach and solutions to the proposed scope of services as part of the interview portion of the selection process.


Minimum Requirements


Demonstrated prior experience with projects of a similar nature, including in higher education or campus environment, and the expertise to deliver the required engineering and consulting services. Experience must be demonstrated on at least three architecture or engineering design/consulting projects with construction values exceeding One Million Dollars ($1,000,000.00).


Further, as part of the submittal, consultants will be expected to highlight and present experiences, approaches, and lessons learned from working on multi-disciplinary and multi- system solutions to solve safety and security problems. And, to discuss and present an overall management approach to a project of this type and how they would engage and interact with the CU Boulder stakeholder group.


Firms meeting the minimum requirements may obtain the bidding documents on the website accompanying this advertisement.

Other Information


Preference shall be given to Colorado resident bidders and for Colorado labor, as provided by law.


Pre-Submittal Meeting


A mandatory Pre-Submittal Meeting will be held electronically via Zoom:


Location:         Zoom Video Conference Link:


For purposes of tracking attendance, email and by 10:05 am, confirming the name(s), email(s) and phone number(s) of all representatives from your company participating in the call.                                         Attendance will be confirmed at the end of the call.


Brian Graham can also be reached at (303) 435-3858.


Date:               January 12, 2021

Time:               10:00 AM (MST)


Schedule/Submission Details


1. The schedule of events for the RFQ process and an outline of the schedule for the balance of the project is anticipated as follows:


Advertisement                                                      2021-01-06 
RFQ Document Release                                           2021-01-06 
Mandatory Pre-Submittal Conference                        2021-01-12 10:00 AM MST 
Date Email Questions Due                                             2021-01-19 11:59:59 PM MST  

Date Email Answers Issued                                      2021-01-27 (on or before)
Submittals Due (Prequalification: Step I)                 2021-02-05 12:00 PM MST (noon) Interview Short List Announced                                                          2021-02-19 
Oral Interviews                                                     2021-03-02, 03
Negotiation of Consultant Contract                          2021-03-08 
Contract Approval (projected)                                2021-04-02 
Anticipated Design Start                                       2021-04-07 
Anticipated Construction Start/Finish                     2021-08-31 – 2023-03-31


2. One electronic (.pdf) copy of the submittal is due February 5, 2021 and shall be received no later than 12:00 PM MST (noon), and shall be submitted via email to both email addresses:



Agency:                      University of Colorado Boulder, Facilities Management

Contact Names:        Brian Graham, Project Manager

Monika Magenheim, Project Coordinator




Email subject:           The email subject line shall be:

“UCB000220 Submittal - <Name of Bidder>”


Email Body:               The body of the email should bear the following information:


Project #: UCB000220

Project Name: Upgrade Classroom Security

Bidder: <Name of Bidder, Physical Address>


Comments:      Bids will be accepted until 10 minutes after the deadline to account for any server delays. Late submittals will be rejected without consideration. The University of Colorado Boulder and the State of Colorado assume no responsibility for costs related to the preparation of submittals.


3.The above schedule is tentative. Responding firms shall be notified of revisions in a timely manner by email. Respondents may elect to verify times and dates by email, but no earlier than 36 hours before the schedule date and time.



Point of Contact/Clarification


Name:         Brian Graham, Project Manager AND
                      Monika Magenheim, Project Coordinator

Agency:       Planning Design and Construction University of Colorado Boulder

Phone:         (303) 435-3858 (Brian Graham) Fax:                       N/A



This Notice is also available on the web at:

Media of Publication(s):


Publication Dates:

January 6, 2021


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