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Proposal & Bid Notice Details:



Project Specs:

Notice ID #: 6988

Bid Date: 08/08/2021

Type Of Notice: Request for Proposal
Location: CA: San Francisco


Contact: See Notice Summary for details on how to respond to this notice.

Notice Summary:


SFWater Contracting Opportunities Website

Request / Notice for Proposal for Digester Building (B-610) Mechanical – process piping, supports, Electrical, Process Equipment associated with the wastewater treatment process, Controls – DCS, PCIS, Instrumentations, Integration and Building Services for packages listed below:

T-07.02 Membrane Roofing

Supply and installation of all SBS Modified Bituminous Membrane Roofing System including all applicable roof accessories for a complete and water tight roofing system.


T-07.03 Sheet Metal and Standing Seam Roofing

Supply and installation of all Standing Seam Sheet Metal Roofing System including all applicable roof accessories for a complete and water right roofing system. Supply and installation of sheet metal and flashing trims, scuppers, downspouts, metal coping, and exterior louvers.


T-9.03 Exterior Panels and Curtain Walls

Supply and installation of exterior panel system and curtail wall, including Zinc concealed and composite metal wall panels and flashing, Fiber cement wall panels and flashing, Air Barrier over glass matt, Channel glass curtail wall and Rain screen system.


T-9.04: Exterior and Interior Architectural

Supply and installation of interior and exterior architectural fit out, including Metal Framing, Gypsum board sheetrock, Gypsum sheathing, Thermal & Acoustical Insulation, Caulking, Exterior Insulation Finish system (EIFS), Doors Frames and Hardware, Pretreated Wood Blocking, general flashing, Elevator Door Smoke Containment System and Expansion and Seismic Joints.


T-9.05 Painting

Supply and installation paintings and costings, including water repellants, interior & exterior striping, gypsum board paintings coats, exposed steel and stair painting.


T-09.06 Specialty Coating

Supply and installation of all chemical-resistant coating and fluid-applied roofing including all applicable accessories for a complete and watertight coating and roofing system.


T-33.01 Yard Piping

Scope Description: Supply and installation of all yard piping along Road 3. Scope includes but is not limited to sewer piping, catch basins and manholes, gas lines, and water lines. Work includes all related work such as excavation, trenching, shoring, dewatering, and temporary diversions necessary to install the work.


WW-647R Biosolids Digester Facilities Project  

Southeast Water Pollution Control Plant  

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

City and County of San Francisco



Project Description


The Biosolids Digester Facilities Project (BDFP) aims to replace the existing digester facilities with new, expanded, reliable, modern facilities as well as improving odor control systems and upstream and downstream process systems.


The City and County of San Francisco, acting through the General Manager of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC), has engaged MWH/Webcor JV to construct a facility within the wider BDFP.

While information may be periodically added to this Project Description page, it exists only as a courtesy.
Please only rely on official updates provided by MWH Constructors / Webcor Builders Joint Venture and MWH/Webcor's BuildingConnected website.


MWH Constructors / Webcor Builders Joint Venture website:


Bid opportunities may be found online via BuildingConnected at MWH/Webcor BuildingConnected Website:

Advertisement for Trade Contractor Proposal


Subject to conditions prescribed by the City and County of San Francisco, CA, responses to this bid request are sought from qualified Trade Contractors.

Scope / Drawings


Bid due date, the Scope and Drawings for the packages mentioned above shall be included as Exhibits in the RFP Package that will be available in BuildingConnected to Trade Contractors


Pre-Bid / Outreach Meeting – Zoom Video Conference – July 29, 2021 at 1:00 PM PST - Attendance is voluntary, but strongly encouraged. Find the link below:

Confidentiality of the information provided will be respected to the extent permitted by law.


Local Business Enterprise (LBE) Requirements


Each Bid Package has a specific LBE requirement that will be included in the RFP documents.

Any proposals that fail to meet the Bid Package LBE requirement will be deemed non-responsive.


Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Requirements


Trade Contractors are hereby notified that work to be performed under this contract will be in full or in part financed by the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF), administered by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) and the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB), and the Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (“WIFIA”), also administered by the US EPA.  Trade Contractors shall comply with all applicable terms and conditions, special provisions, and reporting requirements, as set forth in these specifications, and as may be required by federal law, rule, or regulation.  Refer to Contract Section 00 48 10.01 for more information.

Trade Contractors are required to seek, and are encouraged to use, Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (“DBEs”) for their subcontracting and procurement needs.  These requirements apply to all subcontracts for equipment, supplies, construction, and services.  The SFPUC has adopted the following Fair Share Objectives for participation of DBEs in this SRF funded project.  These are project-wide participation goals that the Contractor may seek to meet:

MBE:  5.6%, WBE:  1.2%.

The Local Hiring Goal for the Construction Phase of the BDFP Project is 30%.

In accordance with California Labor Code Sections 1771.1 and 1725.5, no contract can be awarded to a Proposer without proof that the Proposer and all identified subcontractors are currently registered with the California Department of Industrial Relations. 



Direct all package specific questions through BuildingConnected.

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