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Proposal & Bid Notice Details:



Project Specs:

Notice ID #: 7023

Bid Date: 10/05/2021

Type Of Notice: Request for Qualifications
Location: CA: Walnut Creek


Contact: See Notice Summary for details on how to respond to this notice.

Notice Summary:

An Equal Opportunity Employer is requesting quotations from all qualified Professional services, sub-contractors, material suppliers and trucking including certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) for the following project:

Caltrans ~ 03-1H18U4

Route 80 In and Near Truckee from 0.2 Mile West of Donner Park Overcrossing to Route 89/267 Separation – Nevada County

03-Nev-80-13.0/16.5 ~ Project ID 0321000106

Roadway excavation, JPCP and furnish polyester concrete overlay.

Bid Date:  October 5, 2021 at 2:00 PM

**Bidding Electronically. Quotes need to be received by 11:00am on bid day**


Debby Pannell

Brosamer & Wall Inc.

1777 Oakland Blvd, Suite 300, Walnut Creek, California 94596

PH: 925-932-7900   FAX: 925-279-2269


Brosamer & Wall Inc., is requesting quotes from all qualified subcontractors, suppliers, and truckers including certified DBEs on all items of work type listed below, including but not limited to: 

·Lead Compliance Plan~ ·Develop Water Supply~ ·Construction Area Signs~ ·Traffic Control System~ ·Stationary Impact Attenuator Vehicle~ ·Type III Barricade~ ·Temporary Traffic Stripe (Paint)~ ·Plastic Traffic Drums~ ·Portable Radar Speed Feedback Sign System~ ·Temporary Pedestrian Access Route~ ·Portable Changeable Message Sign~ ·Temporary Railing (Type K)~ ·Temporary Crash Cushion~ ·Temporary Traffic Screen~ ·Prepare Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan~ ·Rain Event Action Plan~ ·Storm Water Sampling and Analysis Day~ ·Storm Water Annual Report~ ·Temporary Erosion Control Blanket~ ·Move-In/Move-Out (Temporary Erosion Control)~ ·Temporary Hydraulic Mulch (Bonded Fiber Matrix)~ ·Temporary Cover~ ·Temporary Check Dam~ ·Temporary Drainage Inlet Protection~ ·Temporary Fiber Roll~ ·Temporary Gravel Bag Berm~ ·Temporary Silt Fence~ ·Temporary Construction Entrance~ ·Street Sweeping~ ·Temporary Concrete Washout~ ·Temporary Creek Diversion Systems~ ·Treated Wood Waste~ ·Temporary High-Visibility Fence~ ·Clearing And Grubbing~ ·Roadway Excavation~ ·Shoulder Backing~ ·Sand Bedding~ ·Wood Mulch~ ·Check and Test Existing Irrigation Facilities~ ·Bonded Fiber Matrix ~ ·Rolled Erosion Control Product (Netting)~ ·Compost~ ·Class 2 Aggregate Base~ ·Base Bond Breaker~ ·Hot Mix Asphalt (Type A)~ ·Minor Hot Mix Asphalt~ ·Place Hot Mix Asphalt Dike (Type E & Type F)~ ·Tack Coat~ ·Remove Asphalt Concrete Dike~ ·Cold Plane Asphalt Concrete Pavement~ ·Jointed Plain Concrete Pavement~ ·Drill And Bond (Dowel Bar)~ ·Drill And Bond (Tie Bar)~ ·Individual Slab Replacement (RSC)~ ·Replace Joint Seal (Asphalt Rubber)~ ·Remove Concrete Pavement (CY)~ ·Grind Existing Concrete Pavement~ ·60” Cast-In-Drilled-Hole Concrete Pile (Sign Foundation)~ ·Structural Concrete~ ·Drainage Inlet ·Minor Concrete~ ·Furnish And Install Sign Structure~ ·Polyester Concrete Overlay~ ·Plastic Pipe~ ·Reinforced Concrete Pipe~ ·Corrugated Steel Pipe~ ·Slotted Plastic Pipe~ ·Corrugated Steel Pipe Downdrain ~ ·Anchor Assembly~ ·Alternative Flared End Section~ ·Abandon Culvert~ ·Abandon Inlet~ ·Cleaning, Inspecting, and Preparing Culvert~ ·Sand Backfill~ ·Cured-In-Place Pipeliner~ ·Concrete (Ditch Lining)~ ·Rock Slope Protection~ ·Detectable Warning Surface~ ·Pre/Post Construction Surveys~ ·Miscellaneous Iron and Steel~ ·Manhole Frame and Cover~ ·Concrete Barrier Delinetor~ ·Delineator (Class 2)~ ·Signage~ ·Midwest Guardrail System (Steel Post)~ ·Vegetation Control~ ·Transition Railing (Type WB-31)~ ·End Anchor Assembly~ ·Two-Component Paint Pavement Marking and Stripe~ ·Rumble Strip (Asphalt Concrete Pavement and Concrete Pavement)~ ·Traffic Stripe~ ·Maintaining Existing Traffic Management System Elements During Construction~ ·Locating and Mapping Underground Facilities~ ·Fiber Optic Cable Systems~ ·Modifying Lighting Systems  ·Modifying Sign Illumination Systems~ ·Modifying Traffic Monitoring Stations~ ·Mobilization~ ·Etc.

Please Contact Brosamer & Wall Inc. at the email listed below for the complete list of the Actual Available Project Bid Items.

Requirements: Brosamer & Wall, Inc. will work with interested subcontractors/suppliers to identify opportunities to break down items into economically feasible packages to facilitate DBE. Brosamer & Wall, Inc. is a union signatory contractor. Subcontractors must possess a current contractor’s license, insurance coverage, valid DBE certification, DIR (Department of Industrial Relations) registration number for public work projects, and worker’s compensation for the entire length of the contract. All subcontractors will be required to sign our standard Subcontract Agreement. 100% payment and performance bonds may be required. If you have any questions regarding this project or need assistance in obtaining/waiving insurance, bonding, equipment, materials and/or supplies please call or email Debby Pannell contact information below.  

Plans and specifications can be viewed at our office located at 1777 Oakland Blvd Suite 300, Walnut Creek, Ca. 94596 or can be accessed for free at the Caltrans website: B&W will also make plans & specs available electronically. Please email Debby Pannell at for free online link.  Brosamer & Wall Inc. intends to work cooperatively with all qualified firms seeking work on this project.  **Submit ALL Bid/Quotes via email to or via fax at 925-279-2269 along with a copy of your CURRENT DBE CERTIFICATION by 11am on bid day. Please Include your CSLB License Number & DIR Registration Number on all bid/quotes. Subcontractors, Dealers/Suppliers and Brokers please provide your designation code to us on or before October 5, 2021.  


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