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Proposal & Bid Notice Details:



Project Specs:

Notice ID #: 7394

Bid Date: 04/22/2022

Type Of Notice: Invitation to Bid
Location: CA: San Francisco

Contact: See Notice Summary for details on how to respond to this notice.

Notice Summary:



Subcontractor/Supplier SECTION-3 Opportunity!

Project:  1251 S. Eliseo Dr. Larkspur, Ca. 94904

Conversion of (E) Facility to Rehabilitation

Bids Due: 4/22/22

Link to Invitation to Bid:


Guzman Construction Group, Inc. (GCGI) team is requesting bids, from all trades, for our pricing effort on our 1251 S. Eliseo project. Trades/scopes shall be considered Final Hard Bid and are anticipated to be awarded on this round of pricing.


Project Address:

1251 South Eliseo Dr. Larkspur Ca. 94904


Project Description:

Conversion of an existing single-story assisted living facility into affordable housing (26,679 SF). The rehabilitation plan includes selective interior demolition and re-use of existing patient and office space to accommodate (44) new studio dwelling units, community amenity, supportive services and accessory uses. Outdoor improvements include landscaping two existing interior courts and restriping of the parking area. The building will be fitted with new mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. A shower and kitchenette will be added to each unit. All dwelling units will be mobility or adaptable. An existing community kitchen will be remodeled. No expansion to the building envelope is proposed.


Design-Build Scope(s):

  • Fire Sprinkler
  • Fire Alarm


Schedule Dates:

4/11/22 – Non-Mandatory However Strongly Encouraged job walk 1:00PM 4/15/22 – Last Day to Submit Pre-Bid RFIs 12:00PM

4/22/22 – Bid Due 5:00PM Friday

7/5/22 – Tentative Construction Start Date 5/5/23 – Tentative Construction Completion Date


Contractor Contacts:

Ross Britt (415) 745-5142

Kirk Nielsen (415) 672-1110

Please do not contact Owner, Owner Agents, and/or Architect directly.


Requested Bid Trades:

All trades.


Bid Documents:

All documents for this bid can be downloaded from the project site on Building Connected, which you have access to via the email invite you received. Also, the project information is available at the following Box link:


Labor Requirements:

  • See Exhibit-K.


Equal Opportunity Work Force Participation Goals:

  • See Exhibit-K


Subcontracting Goals:

  • See Exhibit-K



Subcontractor to include and provide all insurance as there will be no OCIP or CCIP, see insurance requirement Exhibit-F.



Subcontractor performance and payment bonds may be required for these scopes at Contractor’s sole discretion. Contractor will accept actual bond premiums up to 1.5%. Please quote bonding costs as an alternate and provide your Bond Rate on your proposal and Bid Form.


Required Bid Form:

All bid submissions should include a completed and signed bid form provided herein.


Submit Bid Packages:

Please return your bid on company letterhead, along w/ a fully executed/completed Bid Forms(s), on Building Connected.


Bid Requirements:

1. Subcontractor bids are to be Final Hard Bid for the duration of the project. Subcontractor and Supplier pricing should include escalation (labor, materials, etc.) for the duration of the project. Change orders for escalation will not be allowed.

2. Bids are to be valid for 90 calendar days with no exceptions. Any bid submitted in response to this Invitation will be deemed to comply with this requirement, regardless of any contrary language contained in the bid.

3. Occupancy: Subcontractor shall assume a phased occupancy, so end-users may occupy a portion of the building, prior to the completion of all units.

4. GCGI reserves the right to reject any bidder due to issues that GCGI considers will affect thebidder’s ability to perform the work satisfactorily (such as financial capability, labor compliance, office and/or field manpower, having performed similar-sized projects successfully and technical expertise).

5. Subcontractor bids, unless stated otherwise, are assumed to be inclusive of all plan and specification requirements. In the event Subcontractor proposes a substitution or an “or equal”, the deviation should be clearly identified in the Subcontractor bid proposal. The responsibility for obtaining Design Team approval for any deviation rests solely on the Subcontractor. Unless the deviation is pre-approved in writing by the Design Team, the risk lies solely with the Subcontractor, and in the event approval is not granted by the Design Team, any increased cost to meet the design intent will be the responsibility of the Subcontractor, regardless of bid qualifications. Should a Subcontractor’s substitution result in changes to other trades scope, Subcontractor will be responsible for all costs the result of and associated with that change.

6. Labor Rates: Subcontractors should include the straight time and premium time rates for all trades in their employ.


7. Complete Scope of Work: Bidders must note any & all exceptions that are being taken to the plans & specs., particularly any exclusions which would be assumed as being included with the bidder’s trade. Bidders shall also note any detail or specification deficiencies which are impossible to construct or are outside of industry norms.


8. Inspection: Subcontractor has closely inspected existing job site conditions that affect their work, and has included in his contract price all work, adjustments, or revisions necessary to provide a complete job as shown or called for in the Contract Documents. Change Orders will not be allowed for conditions that were clearly apparent at bid time and or could reasonably be inferred from a job walk.


9. Contract Documents: The Contract Documents are presented as complete and with the intention to provide a complete project. Any errors, discrepancies or omissions shall be brought to GCGI's attention prior to bid. Any bid qualifications must relate to a document conflict and/or omission and must be specifically spelled out in the Subcontractor’s Bid Proposal.


10. Complete Scope of Work: It is the intent of GCGI to provide a complete and operational building. We will not accept change orders for conflicts in/or between the plans and/or

specifications, manufacturer’s installation requirements, or applicable codes. All subcontractors and suppliers are required to call our attention any potential conflicts or items included in the specifications that are not intended to be provided.


11. Qualifications/Exclusions: Bids received with no qualifications/exclusions will be assumed to be in strict accordance with both the plans and specifications. Bidders are required to list all specification sections included in the applicable bid proposal. Bids will be assumed to include the entire specification sections referenced unless there are corresponding exclusions.


12. Qualified Bidders: Bidders are assumed to be knowledgeable of this type of work and shall include all normal requirements to produce a complete project ready for its intended use as described by these documents.


13. Crane/Hoist: No crane or manlift/material hoist will be provided. Include all hoisting in bid.

14. All interior and exterior access (scaffolding, lifts, etc.) shall be by Subcontractors as required to complete their scopes.

15. Addenda / RFIs: Subcontractor is responsible for reviewing and including any costs associated with and all Addenda and or RFI responses issued during the proposal period. Subcontractor is to acknowledge receipt and review of all Pricing Documents pertaining to this project in Subcontractor’s bid and Bid Form.


16. Mobilizations: Subcontractor includes mobilizations as required to meet the project construction schedule.


17. Parking / Transportation: Subcontractors are responsible for all fees/costs associated with parking and transportation for their workforce.


18. Software Costs: Subcontractor is to include all costs for, Procore, or similar software.


19. Trade Specific Permits: Subcontractor shall obtain and include all costs/fees/provisions (including notifications/applying) for any and all trade-specific permits required for their scope(s) of work.


20. Traffic Control: All costs for traffic control, to include however not limited to, traffic plans, encroachment permits, flagmen, and traffic control devices including arrow boards, required for your specific scope of work is the responsibility of the Subcontractor; and will be required anytime Subcontractor utilizes street and/or sidewalk to perform construction activities, receive deliveries, unloading or loading of materials/equipment, etc. Please note: all personnel performing traffic control flagging must be properly trained and certified as per industry standards and or pursuant to the agency having jurisdiction.


21. Clean-Up: Subcontractor to include all labor/costs for scope(s) of work clean-up during construction. GCGI will be providing debris boxes at an on-sitelocation.



End of Invitation to Bid

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