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Proposal & Bid Notice Details:



Project Specs:

Notice ID #: 7480

Bid Date: 06/02/2022

Type Of Notice: Invitation to Bid
Location: CA: Santa Cruz


Contact: See Notice Summary for details on how to respond to this notice.

Notice Summary:

Economic Development DEPARTMENT

337 Locust Street, Santa Cruz, CA  95060 831-420-5150


This project is partially funded with Federal funds from the United States Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration and is subject to federal laws and regulations associated with that program as set forth in Document 00060 General Conditions, Article III, of the Project Bid Package.

PROJECT NAME:                 Wharf Reinforcement Project

PROJECT ADDRESS:          45 Municipal Wharf, Santa Cruz. CA  95060

DATE OF NOTICE:                May 2, 2022


Notice is hereby given that the City of Santa Cruz invites sealed bids from California Class “A” General Engineering Contractors for the Wharf Reinforcement Project at 45 Municipal Wharf, Santa Cruz, CA, 95060 all as more particularly and in detail set forth in the following documents collectively known as the “Project Bid Package”:


Document Number:                          Title:


00010                                                  Notice Inviting Sealed Bids

00020                                                  Instructions to Bidders

00030                                                  Bid Proposal

00040                                                  Plans

00050                                                  Project Specifications

00060                                                  General Conditions

00070                                                  Permit Compliance Table

00080                                                  Treated Wood Waste Disposal Plan

00090                                                  Form of City/Contractor Agreement

00100                                                  Change Order Form

00110                                                  Payment Request Form

00120                                                  Form of Bonds

None                                                   Addenda (if issued)

None                                                                                                   Current State of California prevailing wage rates at

None                                                                                                   Current Federal Wage Decision #CA20220018/6 at

None                                                   Lobbying Restriction Form CD-512




Installation of new piles at specified locations under the site of the former Miramar restaurant building at the Santa Cruz Wharf, which has previously been demolished and removed. Remaining at the site is the decking above the stringers and pile caps, with associated A-frame bracing and ledgers between piles at certain locations. Work shall include removal of specified piles, A-frames, stringers, mechanical connectors, full decking removal and replacement, and improvements to cap connections where the site connects to the original 1914 section of the Wharf. Requirements of federal and state regulatory permits apply.




The cost estimate prepared by the Architect/Engineer for all work on this Project is $714,000.




         Date:       May 17, 2022

         Time:      10:30 AM     

         Place:     25 Municipal Wharf (Wharf Headquarters)

                        Santa Cruz, CA  95060


A mandatory pre-bid site inspection will be held as noted above. All attendees will be required to wear face masks, social distance, and follow any other safety measures currently recommend by the Santa Cruz County Public Health Officer.


All prospective bidders must attend the mandatory pre-bid site inspection and sign in on the City-provided attendance sheet at this pre-bid site inspection to be eligible to bid on the Project.




D.     PROJECT SCHEDULE (Anticipated)


         Notice to Bid:                                                   May 2, 2022

         Mandatory Pre-Bid Site Inspection:                May 17, 2022 at 10:30 AM

         Bids Due:                                                        June 2, 2022 at 1:30 PM

         Contract Award:                                              July 1, 2022

         Contract Signing:                                            July 15, 2022

         Preconstruction Conference:                          August 1, 2022

         Notice to Proceed:                                          August 1, 2022

Date of Substantial Completion:                     March 1, 2023

Time Allowed for Substantial Completion:      Two Hundred Twelve (212) calendar days




The Project Bid Package may be downloaded without charge from the following designated websites: and https://www/


The designated websites will be updated periodically with Addenda and other information relevant to submitting a bid for the Project. All official notifications, addenda, and other Project Bid Package documents will be issued only through the designated websites. Neither City nor any City official, employee, or agent will be responsible for Project Bid Package documents, including Addenda, if any, obtained from sources other than the designated websites or the City.




All Bid Proposals for the above‑mentioned work must be received at the Economic Development Department, located at 337 Locust St., Santa Cruz, CA, by 1:30 PM on June 2, 2022 in sealed envelopes plainly endorsed:



Wharf Reinforcement Project

45 Municipal Wharf, Santa Cruz, CA


and will be opened and read aloud. Bids received after the date and time stated above will be rejected as nonresponsive. Closing time to receive bids will be verified by the on-line clock maintained by the US Naval Observatory, found at:


The lowest responsive and responsible bidder will be notified by City staff within seven (7) days of the bid opening. The City reserves the right to reject any and all bids, including but not limited to for any minor irregularities, or waive any informalities or minor defects in bids received. The City may reject a bid if it determines that any of the bid prices are materially unbalanced to the potential detriment of the City.


Attendees will be required to wear face masks, social distance, and follow any other safety measures currently recommended by the Santa Cruz County Public Health Officer. All bids must be in ink on the Bid Proposal Form and must be sealed. No Bid Proposal will be accepted that is incomplete, written in pencil, altered, illegible or contains unrequested alternates. All Bid Proposals must be filled out completely and signed.


All Bid Proposals must comply with the Project Bid Package. A Bidder must clearly and legibly set forth all information requested in the manner and form indicated.


A bidder may withdraw a submitted Bid Proposal at any time prior to the time of bid opening only by written request to the City. Unless otherwise required by law, no bidder may withdraw its Bid Proposal for a period of sixty (60) days after the bid opening.


By submitting a Bid, the Bidder represents that it has carefully examined and investigated the Project site and all Project Bid Package documents.


G.    EDA Notice of Requirements for Affirmative Action To Ensure Equal Employment Opportunity (Executive Order 11246 and 41 CFR Part 60-4).


The following Notice shall be included in, and shall be a part of all solicitations for offers and bids on all Federal and federally assisted construction contracts or subcontracts in excess of $10,000:


The Bidder's attention is called to the "Equal Opportunity Clause" and the "Standard Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Construction Contract Specifications" set forth herein.

The goals and timetables for minority and female participation, expressed in percentage terms for the Contractor's aggregate workforce in each trade on all construction work in the covered area, are as follows:


Timetables               Goals for minority participation for each trade                         Goals for female participation     


                                                                  14.9%                                                                                     6.9 %


These goals are applicable to all the Contractor's construction work (whether or not it is Federal or federally assisted) performed in the covered area. If the contractor performs construction work in a geographical area located outside of the covered area, it shall apply the goals established for such geographical area where the work is actually performed. With regard to this second area, the contractor also is subject to the goals for both its federally involved and non-federally involved construction.


The Contractor's compliance with the Executive Order and the regulations in 41 CFR Part 60-4 shall be based on its implementation of the Equal Opportunity Clause, specific affirmative action obligations required by the specifications set forth in 41 CFR 60- 4.3(a), and its efforts to meet the goals. The hours of minority and female employment and training must be substantially uniform throughout the length of the contract, and in each trade and the contractor shall make a good faith effort to employ minorities and women evenly on each of its projects. The transfer of minority or female employees or trainees from Contractor to Contractor or from project to project for the sole purpose of meeting the Contractor's goals shall be a violation of the contract, the Executive Order, and the regulations in 41 CFR Part 60-4. Compliance with the goals will be measured against the total work hours performed.


The Contractor shall provide written notification to the Director of the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs within 10 working days of award of any construction subcontract in excess of $10,000 at any tier for construction work under the contract resulting from this solicitation. The notification shall list the name, address and telephone number of the subcontractor; employer identification number of the subcontractor; estimated dollar amount of the subcontract; estimated starting and completion dates of the subcontract; and the geographical area in which the subcontract is to be performed.


As used in this Notice, and in the contract resulting from this solicitation, the "covered area" is:


State of: California, County of: Santa Cruz, City of: Santa Cruz




For additional information regarding the bid process see Document 00020 Instruction to Bidders.


This Notice Inviting Sealed Bids is issued by the City of Santa Cruz, California.


Dated: May 2, 2022



                                                                                                Norman F. Daly

                                                                                                Development Manager

                                                                                                Economic Development Department

                                                                                                337 Locust St.

                                                                                                Santa Cruz, CA  95060



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