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Proposal & Bid Notice Details:



Project Specs:

Notice ID #: 7591

Bid Date: 07/19/2022

Type Of Notice: Invitation to Bid
Location: LA: Lake Charles

BDOQ: Other , DBE, SBE

Contact: See Notice Summary for details on how to respond to this notice.

Notice Summary:


PM Construction & Rehab, LLC – ITB: DSBE Certified Firms


Project: University Area Red Sub Basin Sewer Rehabilitation

Project Location: Lake Charles, LA

Bid Due Date: 07/19/2022

Quotes Returned: 07/15/2022



  • Pre & Post Pipe Burst CCTV & Cleaning , San. Sewer
    • 8” Dai. – 11,269 LF
  • Manhole Rehabilitation
    • 440 VF
    • SpectraShield as manufactured by CCI Spectrum, Inc., Triple Shield as manufactured by Triple M Concrete Products, Inc., or approved equal.
  • Open Cut Utility Repairs
    • Adjust Water Service Lines, Valves, And Meters
    • Remove and Replace Existing Catch Basin
    • Point Repair (0.0’ – 6.0’ Deep) For Existing 8‐inch w/ New 8‐inch SDR26 PVC Pipe
    • Point Repair (6.1’ – 10.0’ Deep) For Existing 8‐inch w/ New 8‐inch SDR26 PVC Pipe
    • Furnish and Install New 8‐inch SDR26 Restrained Joint PVC For Open Cut Rerouting of Existing 8” Sewer Service Including Removal and Disposal of Existing Pipe
    • Furnish and Install 4' Diameter Pre‐Cast Sanitary Sewer Manhole (6.1' ‐ 8.0' Deep)
    • Locate, Uncover, and Vertically Adjust  Manhole To Grade
  • Material Suppliers
    • 8” DR 17 HDPE
    • 6” DR 17 HDPE
    • Sewer saddles
      • Flexible Tap Saddles, as manufactured by Fernco Systems, T-Flex Sewer Saddles, as manufactured by Mission Rubber Company, or approved equal
    • 8” SDR 26 PVC Pipe & Fittings
    • 6” SDR 26 PVC Pipe & Fittings
    • Precast Concrete Manholes
    • Manhole Frame & Covers
    • #610 Limestone , Delivered
    • Geotextile Fabric
  • Concrete Repairs
    • Full Depth Hard Surface Pavement Saw Cut
    • Hard Surface Pavement Removal and Disposal
    • Furnish and Install #610 Limestone For Bedding, Backfill, Aggregate Base Course and Maintenance Aggregate (Truck Ticket)
    • Furnish and Install Geotextile Fabric
    • Furnish and Install 4‐inch Thick Fiber Reinforced PCC Pavement for Sidewalk Replacement
    • Furnish and Install 6‐inch Thick Fiber Reinforced PCC Pavement for Driveway Replacement
    • Furnish and Install 8‐inch Thick Reinforced PCC Pavement for Roadway Replacement
    • Furnish and Install Concrete Curb
  • Landscaping
    • Install Slab Sod
  • Traffic Control
    • Turkey setup & operation of single lane closure with flaggers, 12 HR shift



Specs/Plans /Questions– Ashden Middlebrooks | | 470-503-5624

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